Do you love Coffee & Tea? Try out these restaurants

Is there anyone who doesn’t love either coffee or tea? Probably there would be very few. Well, for all those coffee and tea lovers, this article is going to be truly helpful as we have carefully chosen a list of the best coffee and tea chains in the United States.

There are many different coffee & tea chains, and with each new chain comes a plethora of unique coffee & tea drink variations. 

Any coffee or tea chain may provide you with a straight cup of black coffee or refreshing lime tea but each location aims to stand apart from the competition with special flavors, foamy beverages, and blended concoctions. 

Let’s take a look at the best restaurants offering really good coffees and teas.


Starbucks is the king of coffee chains! One of the best things about Starbucks store-bought coffee is how reliable it is. 

You can be sure that every cup you sip will be just as fantastic as the last. 

Additionally, the Starbucks brand lacks the undesirable bitterness, excessive acidity, and unwanted sourness that many of its rivals have. 

Starbucks is a safe bet if you’re on the go and need your fix of coffee. 

This brand provides everything you’re searching for in a coffee, from the Starbucks Blonde Sunrise Blend, which offers a light roast to pleasantly start your day, to the dark-roasted Starbucks Sumatra, which offers an unequaled flavor depth.

Kung Fu Tea

The biggest bubble tea company in the United States, Kung Fu Tea, has shops all across the country. The restaurant takes pride in using only authentic tea leaves that have been hand-picked in Taiwan and fresh ingredients.

Kung Fu tea has a tonne of topping options!

Top on the list is “boba” made with tapioca. These little gems, which are freshly made every two hours using tapioca starch and brown sugar, provide sweetness to any beverage.

Pudding, nata jelly, red beans, coffee bubbles, herbal jelly, aloe jelly, mango bubbles, and grape exploding bubbles are some of the additional toppings available to adorn your beverage.

Start with the tapioca if you’re unsure where to begin, and then try with different tastes to identify your favorites afterwards.

Click here for kung fu tea menu

Caribou Coffee

In 1992, Caribou Coffee in Edina, Minnesota, served as the company’s first location. They currently operate in more than 400 locations. More importantly, they offer a sizable assortment of coffee, which is accessible online and in shops across the country.

Caribou Coffee’s blends can take you to coffee paradise if you favor dark roasts. Each sip of their Fireside Blend’s full-bodied, dark-roasted coffee provides a powerful chocolate kick. 

Their Obsidian Blend is far superior than anything you would have imagined if you want to attempt a super-dark blend. Although it is so bold, it is nonetheless incredibly beautiful. 

Although Caribou Coffee sells delicious light roast, medium roast, and flavored coffee, you should try their dark roast selection at least once in your lifetime.

Link to Caribou Coffee menu here.

Kokee Tea

Kokee Tea is committed to giving its consumers the highest-quality bubble tea. The business makes its excellent, handcrafted drinks by following specific recipes and using natural ingredients. 

“TEA” represents their personality, drive, zeal, and sociability. Kokee tea offers its clients a joyous energy, a good mood, and a friendly atmosphere and a wonderful tea experience. 

Freshly brewed BOBA Tea is their most popular drink. Freshest tastes, all-natural cane sugar, and the best teas are all about Kokee Tea!

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

This chain, which originated in Southern California, competes fiercely with Starbucks across much of the nation. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has more than 1,000 locations globally and, in comparison to the other choices on this list, offers normal chain coffee fare and a very extensive tea menu.

The hazelnut iced coffee, which is produced by blending a hazelnut powder into iced coffee, and the Winter Dream Tea latte, a spiced tea-based latte that tastes like Christmas in a cup, are two of their specialty drinks that are particularly enjoyed and can be difficult to get at other coffee shops. 

The Coffee Bean’s beverages are typically not as sugary as those from some of the other places in the United States. You can always change the flavoring’s strength to lessen the sweetness in drinks if you prefer.